What is Rusty Robins.com?

 This website is for information, reference, and contact. All images and music are free to download.

 Entertainment can be inspiring, and should be. Rusty provides inspirational entertainment and services for a wide range of events. All services are conducted in a decent, moral, and respectful manner honoring God, people, and country. 

 "I will perform almost anywhere if schedule is open. I play in living rooms, concert venues, street corners, churches, festivals, coffee shops, local missions, retirement communities, recovery groups, radio programs, outreach events, celebrations, powwows, biker/hot rod events, and numerous other special events. I use music to convey the love of Jesus to a dying world. Email me for more information."  Rusty Robins

 Performances involves Rusty playing guitar and singing with original background music which has been created to provide maximum impact. Rusty prefers to provide his own sound system. The excellence of the production is a result of many years of experience and attention to every aspect of presentation. 

 Please book as early as possible to secure event dates and times. Email; rustyrobins4jc@gmail.com

Other Stuff

1.Clear understanding of event purpose and protocol is imperative. Communication of expectations of both parties should be done before event is scheduled.

2. W9, and C.O.I. provided for business proposes. No tax credit will be given for donations. Rusty Robins is not a Non-Profit entity.

3. Sufficient time should be provided for set-up. Usually 30 minutes before starting performance.

4. Rusty Robins reserves rights to refuse to provide any service.

5. Rusty Robins reserves the right to end any service at anytime.

6. The presents of drugs, alcohol, firearms, fighting, vulgar language, illegal or indecent activities, harassments, toxic environment, or any other undesirable conditions can be cause for refusal and/or cancellation of any service at any time.

7. These events are designed to uplift people and glorify Jesus.

Don't let these terms and conditions scare you off, they are stated for the protection of everyone involved.


His purpose is first and foremost in my life. May God richly bless you through Jesus our Lord. RR

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